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Mast Replacement
Posted by Steven Brouwer on September 6, 2015
I had a chance to build a new mast for a friend's sail boat a while back. I had not built a box mast since I built three in a row back in the 1970's. It took every clamp I had and a big help from Molly, who came in and saw my panic trying to spread glue fast enough. Came out great. . . .
Posted by Steven Brouwer on September 6, 2015
Grandson Charlie, Son of Ben and Becca,Tern builders, enjoys an evening sail on this amazing magical boat. . . .
Posted by Steven Brouwer on September 1, 2015
At Hunter Bay Woodworking we build a variety of things, including custom doors, cabinets and furniture, but we mostly like to build boats. I find boat building to be the most demanding wood work of all. The complexity, problem solving, and woodworking techniques are inspiring and satisfying. Good work if you can get it. The Lyle Hess Cutter I have been working sometimes on sometimes off, is finally planked. I think it looks good, even if I say so myself. I started fairing today and will put up more pictures as that progresses. . . .
Furniture Mostly
Posted by Steven Brouwer on October 11, 2012
Work has been mostly furniture building for the last while, so I thought I'd show some of that and also some pictures from a school boat building project I did with four students at Lopez High School. The Lyle Hess cutter is on the back burner for sure. . . .
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